Nov 9, 2021

Mental Health in an Unequal World

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on people’s mental health. So, this year, Thomas Franks London is spearheading a World Mental Health Day campaign curated by our in-house nutritionist, Christine Bailey that promotes the relationship between people’s health and wellbeing and their working lives. It has been proven that food boosts your mood and Christine believes that through Nutritional psychiatry, there are strong correlations between what we eat, how we feel, and how we ultimately behave.

Christine’s week-long campaign is designed to inform and educate our London community on the role of nutrition and how it can help to improve stress and anxiety. Through a series of helpful resources and masterclasses, our aim is to demonstrate through quick and easy dishes, how we can increase Omega-3 intake and innovative ways to add more protein to aid the production of neurotransmitters, amongst many more mood and immune boosting tips.
Employee wellbeing has never been so important. Mental health problems have been on the rise over recent years and the COVID-19 pandemic has emphasised this even further. At Thomas Franks London, we pride ourselves on our belief that ‘Everyone Counts’, so our campaign will not only be promoted in our business and industry contracts but will also be echoed in our Feeding Communities work.
This year’s World Mental Health day’s theme is Mental Health in an Unequal World. Our mission is to fight this polarisation through food and education, one healthy dish at a time. Everybody deserves to enjoy good mental health and our inclusive campaign will provide food for thought that packs a serious nutrition punch to the whole of our London community.

#ZeroWasteWeek for life not just a week at Thomas Franks London!

#ZeroWasteWeek for life not just a week at Thomas Franks London!

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