Nov 9, 2021

#ZeroWasteWeek for life not just a week at Thomas Franks London!

The award winning Zero Waste Week ran from 6-10th September. This campaign is particularly close to our heart as we constantly look for innovative ways to reduce waste and live more sustainably. This year we celebrated through our ‘Surplus to Purpose’ initiative in partnership with The Real Junk Food Project.

As the UK’s largest environmental charity redistributing surplus food from right across the food industry, The Real Junk Food Project intercepted ingredients that were destined for waste. Our culinary team at Barings bank lovingly turned the perfectly good and healthy, wonky and imperfect foods into imaginative foodie cuisine.

From Harissa Sweet Potato and Chickpea Soup to Katsu Curry, Jasmine Rice and Pickled Vegetables; our customers relished in the knowledge that they were enjoying a great nutritionally balanced meal whilst learning culinary tips and hacks to keep them on the path of being waste warriors.

The week proved very positive in driving awareness and arming our communities with the resources they need to make more considered choices. Our waste not want not attitude will not and cannot end there. Thomas Franks London will continue our work with The Real Junk Food Project and will not stop until a time where food poverty and food waste is a thing of the past.
Our mission is simple, #LoveFoodHateWaste #TogetherWeMakeAllTheDifference.

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